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Our financing department, managed by Taoufik TAHAR, offers sovereign financing solutions, medium-long term for public and para-public infrastructure and equipment projects.

After being analyzed, requests for financing are presented to our network of banks, investment funds, and other financial institutions.

We work to find the best adapted financial solutions, in international or local currencies, and in diverse forms: classic sovereign loans, debts - equity for PPP (Public and Private Partnerships) and BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) projects.

Our teams' expertise means we can offer to create adequate plans, and can undertake the legal planning.

Our mission: bring to fruition the projects entrusted to us by finding the most appropriate financing.



Our engineering department, managed by Frantz DISSLER, acts as a consultancy and calls upon the expertise of our specialized engineers and our European network of architects, designers and experts in other sectors.

His missions:

  • Technical audits, diagnosis, due diligences

  • Assistance in project management

  • Project studies and execution


Our engineers and other partners have international references in: water, energy, road infrastructures and bridges, deep-water ports, airports, buildings, stadiums and other urban equipment.

  • We have a global view: for each project, we integrate all relative aspects (technical, economic, financial and legal).

  • ur teams take into account the ramifications of maintenance, operating costs, local habits, and risks.

  • We have a responsible view: all ecological aspects linked to saving energy, the intelligent use of water resources, and to the social environment are automatically taken into account.


A few examples of our current projects:

  • Design and control of a works project for 200 M$, Green Field Airport -DBOT

  • Design and control of works project for 600 M$, Green Field Port – PPP

  • Assistance to project management for 700 M$, Green Field Port, PPP

  • Assistance to project management for 90 M$, Hydroelectric station – DBOT

  • Economic study, design project for 80 km of railway tracks


Project Management

Our department of Project management, managed by Gérard LALLY, brings running expertise to work sites throughout Africa.

Its missions :

  • coordinate the work of the different actors

  • identify the best constructors, and assist them 

  • find operational and logistical solutions

  • control the works

  • quality control

  • use resources to maximum effect

Our strength is to have all the different parties working together: Investors, bankers, lawyers, architects, BE and builders, often coming from different countries and cultures.


Business Development

The advice department, headed by Med Ali KETARI, provides public and private principals with access to a wide range of international groups offering well-adapted technical solutions and equitable partnerships, to carry out their projects within the delays and budgets allocated.

Our objective is to advise and accompany our building partners and equipment providers in their choice of where they set up in certain countries in Africa. Our knowledge of these countries means that our partners save time and money, while limiting the risks of the operation. Our teams master the management of north/south partnerships and have brought to fruition many successful projects. Our presence on the continent means that we are close to the principals and their needs.

Our missions:

  • Identification and Analysis of needs

  • Identification of valid industrial partners

  • Bringing them into contact

  • Commercial assistance

  • Assistance with installation

  • Accompaniment throughout the realization of the projects.